Glashit - podstawki do zniczy
podstawki do zniczy
podstawki do zniczy
podstawki do zniczy
    Burning fire in burial places has a centuries-old tradition. It dates back to pre-Christian times, when a rite was held to recall the souls of the dead. The light was to show them the way home and warm them.
    With the advent of Christianity candles were still lit on the graves of the dead, but the symbolism of this ceremony became quite different. In Christianity, fire, which was a powerful force, became a symbol of God. Light is thus a symbol of God's presence among us, it is a metaphor of our faith in eternal life. Fire also symbolizes joy and truth, because it brightens the darkness of ignorance, destroys lying and sin.
     As a company, we try to continue the tradition that fits in with the symbolism of light. Our lanterns and candles connect the past with modernity. We have been constantly improving our products for over 20 years, trying to meet your expectations. Thanks to the comprehensive production process - from design to finished product - we have control over every element of the products we prepare. Bearing in mind that our lanterns are not just an ordinary product, but a symbol of the memory of our relatives, we strive to provide the best quality and durability to our products.
     Our company works closely with domestic suppliers of plastic and glass smelters. We have developed technologies and methods thanks to which our products have a unique character both in daylight and at night. Our offer includes products for both traditional paraffin refills and LED inserts. A significant part of the range are lanterns and gravelights, but we also offer garden lanterns, which can be used as decoration of the nearest surroundings. Our proposal is trying to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers.
    "Glas - Hit" products, however, are not only the creation of materials from which the product was made. It is primarily the result of our more than twenty years’ experience, many courageous and at the same time risky decisions, as well as the involvement of our family and team consisting of specifically selected employees. Our products are an expression of passion for creation, striving for perfection, looking into the future while preserving the memory of tradition.

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